Existing Concrete Floors

All concrete can be stained. We’ve said this before, but its worth repeating:

It is our belief that the nuances caused by aged concrete or wear and tear that happens before the concrete is stained only enhances the rustic look of  a completed stained concrete floor.

We can only stain bare concrete. If your floor is in good shape and is free from sealers or paint, then it is ready to be stained.

If your concrete floor is covered in carpet, paint, tile or sealer, we can grind the surface to give us a clean concrete slab that can be transformed with stained concrete.

There are a few things that can’t be remedied by grinding. Tack strips from the edges of carpet or oil/grease spills will probably be visible in the final product. Here are a few photos of a basements that had carpet with tack strips and a few small stains.

Most of our customers view this as part of the rustic look of a stained concrete floor.

For those situations where the existing concrete isn’t in good enough shape to be stained, we can apply (for an extra charge) a micro-topping concrete overlay to cover  the entire old floor. This process will give us a relatively smooth surface with a few trowel marks, that we can turn into a beautiful stained concrete floor.

Here are a few examples where we removed the carpet, applied a micro-topping, and then applied concrete stain.