All stained concrete floors are very durable if they are properly maintained. Frequently dust mopping the floor will greatly prolong the life of your floor. Additionally it is important to never use rubber backed carpeting or any kind of tape to tape down signs, carpets or anything of that nature. Rubber and tapes have solvents in them that can damage the floor.

Interior Stained Concrete

An interior stained concrete floor that only has residential foot traffic will need periodic dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner or distilled water.

If an interior stained concrete floor begins to loose its shine, a coat of no-buff high gloss wax will revive it’s appearance. These waxes can be purchased from us directly, or locally at Sam’s or Southern Maintenance Supply. No-buff wax is applied in thin coats with a mop or sponge mop. Residential stained concrete applications will probably not need to be waxed more than once a year, and in many cases, many years will pass before it becomes necessary.

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Exterior Stained Concrete

Stained exterior concrete can be kept clean by sweeping, blowing with a leaf blower, or rinsing with a garden hose or pressure washer.  For stubborn stains or dirt, you can use a mild cleaner.

If the exterior stained concrete begins to loose its shine, it can be resealed with an acrylic concrete sealer. Depending on wear and tear, exterior concrete will usually need to be resealed every 2-5 years. Increte acrylic clear-seal can be purchased directly from us, or by calling Increte.

Depending on the amount of traffic, commercial stained concrete applications will require more frequent maintenance. Please contact us and we can advise you on what to expect.