How Its Done

First, the job needs to be formed. We typically form for a 4″ of concrete with rebar throughout the slab. In this particular job, we dug pier holes because the finished concrete is going to be the foundation for a sunroom addition.
IMG 02991

We back the truck up to the patio and unload the concrete into the pad.
IMG 0301

Note: Sometimes we color the concrete in the truck, and sometimes we color it once it is on the ground. In this particular job, the customer chose a buff/off-white color, so we weren’t able to put color in the truck. Natural concrete is a medium shade of gray, so it isn’t possible to add color to the truck to make the color lighter than natural concrete.

After the concrete has been placed and floated, we broadcast the adobe buff color hardener on to the surface of the concrete. The color hardener actually strengthens the surface of the concrete and adds color at the same time. Once we cover the entire surface with color, we run a bull float and a trowel over the concrete using standard concrete finishing techniques.
IMG 0306 e1317242176113

After the concrete has enough color on it we have to wait for the concrete to get firm enough for us to be able to walk on it. During the summer this might be a few minutes, or during the winter it may take a few hours. Once the concrete is ready, we broadcast a secondary color, called a release agent, on the entire pad. This color will eventually become the color you see in the grout lines of the pattern and in the detail of each individual rock. The release agent also keeps our stamps from sticking to the wet concrete.

IMG 0309 e1317242372791

Once the release agent is applied, we start laying stamps on the concrete one by one. Then we walk on each stamp to make sure that it leaves an impression in the concrete.

IMG 0311 e1317242454618IMG 0312 e1317242480593IMG 0314 e1317242495995

Once the concrete is stamped, we leave for the day and let it cure overnight.

IMG 0316 e1317242619115

The next day we return and wash the excess color release. This is the part of the process that gives stamped concrete it’s multi-colored look.

IMG 0334 e1317242740457

We let the concrete dry (usually overnight) and return one more time to apply the sealer. You will notice that the sealer really enhances the final color of the stamped concrete patio.

IMG 0335 e1317242835141

Here is a photo of the completed stamped concrete patio.

IMG 0336