How Its Done

First we apply anywhere from 1/4″ to 3/8″ of a self leveling overlay product to the existing concrete. In this case, we used a color called “Sand Buff”.

We let the overlay cure until it is firm enough for it to hold the weight of our stamps. We apply stamps across the entire concrete area. We work the stamps in by walking on them, and by using a tamper.

After the concrete is stamped, we let it sit over night, and return the next day to apply the secondary antiquing color.

The secondary color is applied by mixing a pigment into a pump sprayer. We spray the entire stamped overlay with this mixture, and the pigment floats to all of the low areas on the concrete, which highlights the grout lines and detail of each stamp. In this case, we are using dark gray antiquing agent in water.

We let the antiquing agent cure overnight.

We return one last time to apply a sealer to the entire concrete area.