An Example of a Bad Color Choice

The facade of your home should be considered when choosing a pattern for your stamped concrete or concrete overlay. At a first glance, most people would assume that if you have a brick house then you should choose a brick pattern for your patio or pool deck, or if you have a rock house, you should have a rock sidewalk. While it seems good in theory, it is not necessarily the right decision. The problem with trying to match a material on your house is that if it doesn’t match perfectly, it will make your new concrete look like an afterthought that doesn’t quite match the original house.

Decorative Concrete Should Compliment Your House

We typically suggest that customers choose a pattern & color that compliments their house rather than trying to match what they already have. We prefer to choose a material that is different from what is on the house. For example, rock or slate looks great next to a brick house. Here are a few decorative concrete ideas:

Coordinating Patterns, Complimenting Colors

Sometimes our customers really want a pattern on their concrete that matches their house. The problem is that it is nearly impossible to get a perfect match. In those situations, we always recommend choosing a complementing color. This way, the new concrete will looked like a planned compliment to the deign of the house. Here are a few examples of brick houses with a decorative concrete brick pattern on their concrete: